About: Free At Last

Free At Last is the posthumous album by Folk/Gospel/Country artist Betty McDaniel. Included in this release is also a collection of her work as Betty Chaba in the form of a Live Acoustic album like-titled but recorded at various Co-op Studios* between 1971 and 1976.

How? Well, God bless her for trying to make it easy on us, but it took a lot of work (and time) to take what was a half-finished album and some rolls of 2″ tape in soggy boxes when Betty passed and turn it into to these two records. Nearly 9 years later, I thank Jim Woodyard and a myriad of other musicians, friends, fans and family for fighting through the forest of healing, time, love and button clicking that had to be traversed before we could listen to our Betty’s final release. I sit here now, still her son, still proud of her for who she was, and now all that she will continue to be with all of her ‘new’ songs set free on the world.

This site will be a living-document where I will post credits news and hopefully stories, so that we can all share our love for Betty. Please, feel encouraged to write me a letter of your experience of life alongside Betty to bettychababandcamp@gmail.com and I will post them here.


– Joshua McDaniel
You can download both ‘Free at Last’ albums by donation here: http://bettymcdanielchaba.bandcamp.com/


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